Christopher Swan
I'm Christopher Swan, a communication and entertainment junky. I lead two roles as the founder of this communication blog and movement and as the sr. manager of digital corporate communications and social media at Avery Dennison.  In the role at Avery Dennison I strategize the social media and mobile communications approach, develop digital recruiting marketing and video communications, and pioneer digital corporate resources including the portal, the AveryDennison.com editorial strategy and the company's global newsletter outlets. In these roles, I'm happiest when I'm able to bring creative and unique content to engage employees, consumers and partners with an innovative environment.  While I do thrive on creating communication strategies and the big picture, I truly enjoy experimenting with diverse and boundary challenging ideas.  Additionally, I've  spent years managing change for system and operational implementations and readily bring that knowledge to my projects.

I enjoy spending my time keeping up with changing technology, social interaction, and connecting people and brands.  My interest varies to include social media, video games, pop culture, marketing, and the latest gadget and its buzz.  In short, I'm a geek about culture, fun and communication. Lucky for me, this is the decade of geeks and I'm actually cool now.  

Since everyone in the world now has a voice, I enjoy connecting these voices and focusing on collaboration and sharing what I've learned and investing in others on their journey.  All of this is easily summarized by saying,  my excitement for new information and innovation drives my passion for making a positive footprint in the world. 

Communication expertise: 

  • Strategic Communication & Marketing Planning
  • Organizational Change Communications
  • Video Communications & Production
  • Mission, Vision and Values Development
  • Social Media and Interactive Technologies
  • Editorial Strategies
  • Technical and Process Communications
  • Employee Orientation and Training
  • Branding
  • Intranet & UI
  • Marketing and Communications Collateral Development

Speaking Engagements

Why Accidental Information?
Have you ever noticed how information is learned? It's not always in a classroom. In fact most of the time we learn through experiences, not through planned education. Everyday experiences, interactions with our neighbor, observing something in the workplace, reading tweets and articles online - these are all examples of sharing and learning without a formal strategy. I like to refer to this shared information as accidental information.

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