Monday, August 18, 2008

the sun is on the rise

The sun is hot, damaging, relentless, and has a ton of energy for us to capture and use. It's all about solar power. The basic technology has been around for a long time. Not a ton has changed in the last decade. I mean, we cannot supply the needs of a household on a few power panels. But there are ways to harness the sun's massive power and make this world a little greener. I am sure my readers have figured out from previous posts, I am all about being green.

I would like to highlight a new project underway in Oregon. No surprise it's Oregon that's doing it. They truly do make strides in environmental ways. Check out their highway solar project. They are adding panels on the highway to supply the needed power for lights and such. It sounds like a great start. Check it out.

the solar highway

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